About Our Farm

Lamplighter Homestead is one of many of its kind, tucked away with the quiet visions so many have today to live close to the land, close to our Creator, close to each other. Our homesteading vision is for sustainability, for unplugging, for going against the tide and turning our backs to what the world’s system offers. We hope you will be inspired by our journey, challenged by our hopes, and most of all, we hope you may see the joys and the lessons we have found in this simple,¬†beautiful¬†lifestyle.

Our blog is a great place to follow our story. To learn with us. To laugh with us. In addition to valuable lessons on homesteading, off-grid living and more, you can follow our similar love of writing of these experiences, and our hopes that that skill will pay off and help to support our family and our homestead.

I hope and pray you can find the same joys in the simple life that we have found. It is there – beneath the dirt of the harsh summer labor, within the blessing of a wood stove that prepares your food, within the difficult adjustment to a low-tech life – it is there.

Abundance. Joy. Peace.